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Collegiate Care is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed specifically for international students. A huge perk of this policy is there are three separate tiers to choose from. They vary from standard coverage to premier. All of our policies meet and exceed all visa requirements. Another great thing about this is you can add your spouse and child/children if they are traveling with you. Injury or Accidents while on an Incidental trips or excursions to a country outside the USA during the period of coverage are also covered. If you are a future international student or current international student at least get a quick quote it takes less than 5 minutes, or you can call us at  1-800-301-9289. Collegiate-Care-1

5 of the most Amazing Castles in the World!

Who needs some inspiration? Wondering where to go next or what to see? If you are anywhere near these castles I definitely recommend going….. So that we can live vicariously through you. No No I am joking. Sort of. In all honesty these would great additions to anyones trips, or if you live not far then maybe a day or weekend trip? Check out these amazing castles.

1. Matsumo Castle

The Matsumo Castle is flatland castle located in Matsumo, Nagano. It is the oldest castle in Japan. It was not used for people to live in like many castles, it was actually mainly used for military. That is why it has a moat surrounding it (as a defensive measure). This beautiful historical architecture is not something you’d want to miss out on if you care nearby.


2. Alnwick Castle AKA “Hogwarts Castle”

Yes, who doesn’t know the infamous Hogwarts Castle? Here’s a hint it is featured in the popular film series Harry Potter. It is located in Alnwick, Northcumberland in England, it is the second largest castle in England. It has beautiful gardens you can stroll through when they have a visiting season during the summer. Throughout the year it is the home of the current Duke and his family. Take the opportunity to visit it and show us the pictures.



3. Chateau de Versailles AKA “Palace of Versailles”

The Palace of Versailles is absolutely stunning located in Versailles, France. Home of the French monarchy and government the Palace of Versailles couldn’t be richer in history. As the home for French royalty for centuries it is obviously decorated accordingly throughout, from the game rooms to the ballrooms. It is one that needs to be on everyones “Must Do List”.

Week-end au château de Versailles


4. Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord was built in 1519 with with French Renaissance architecture. This castle is located in Chambord, France. It is also open to the public year round, which is a perk to many travelers. This Castle’s roof and exterior is enough to make your jaw drop in itself. I’ll let the picture speak for me.


5. Neuschwanstein Castle

The breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle also know as “Sleeping Beauty’s Castle” is located in Bavaria, Germany. The castle was built in a Romanesque style, actually completed in 1882. The interior they used Byzantine and Gothic architecture. It is visited by an estimated 1.3 million people per year if not more. The summer is definitely the peak season with as many as 6,000 visitors from all over the world daily. Is was home to Ludwig II who paid for the entire building himself! It is a sight to see by anyone.


Check out these 3 Unique Travel Destinations in the U.S.

Pier 7 In San Francisco

If you are someone who is wanting to go abroad but you can’t afford it right now these may be some great options for you. If you are new to traveling and want to start off slow here are also some great places to visit without having to leave the country. Airfare is expensive to say the least not to mention the cost of food, hotels, and activities abroad. You may want to start traveling closer to home first to get your feet wet. Here are 3 truly unique destinations that you can travel to in the U.S.



New Orleans is nestled in the South. Where you will find sweet tea, history, and every festival you can think of. The food is amazing, rich in flavor. You have a wide variety to choose from such as beignets, gumbo, pi-boys, and boudin. The night life is can be wild or tame depending on where you go, regardless the nights last forever. During the day you can stroll the streets of the French Quarter looking in boutiques or checking out art in Jackson Square. There is always something to do in New Orleans.


2. New York City


New York City is always busy and full of excitement. You have people from all around the world in one location. If you enjoy shopping they have a store for every kind of fashion you could want. There are musicals to see everyday and night just about. A few examples are Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Wicked,  Les Miserables, and The Phantom of the Opera. Central Park is beautiful to take a walk through at anytime of the day, but especially in the morning when the sun is coming out. The ducks, squirrels, and pigeons will surround your feet waiting to for you to feed them. You can enjoy amazing food and wine all over, and from every different cultural background. New York City is overall somewhere you can always go for a great unique time.

 3. Asheville, North Carolina


Truly a unique city to visit in the U.S. Asheville, North Carolina is rich in history and southern hospitality. Asheville is home to the well known Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore Estate is a 250 bedroom estate, kept in its original state. There is also the Grove Park Inn to see or stay at while in Asheville. Built in 1913 the Grove Park Inn has been a go to destination for may positions and celebrities since its founding. It has an amazing spa, large golf course, and cozy accommodations. There are also a few breweries to see and have some beers at. Asheville is a quaint one of a kind city.