Check out these awesome benefits for Insurance Agents and Brokers


         Working in Insurance can be a very lucrative opportunity for anyone. You can enroll online at various sites such as and Testing is fairly simple as long as you study. They even have pre tests to take before you go to take the official license test. If you are an agent or decide to become an agent contact us. We can supply you with brochures to start selling our products. Our contract for agents gives starting at 10% commission on all premium paid. A great thing about our contract is also a non-exclusive contract, so you are not tied to us or required to meet any “quotas” etc. Insurance can be great for a variety of people who want to make a career or simply want to make an extra income. To view our contract you can follow this link:


Benefits of attending Travel Conferences

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The benefits to attending travel conferences for whatever “clique” you fall into is endless. Weather you are a blogger, travel agent, international student advisor, or insurance agent all of the benefits remain the same. You get to meet people who all have one thing in common with you, TRAVELING. Those people can help you get a new job in the future. They can be potential clients or business partners. It could be that they just become life long friends. You get to network and learn new things about the travel industry, as well as learn about new top places to go. Maybe you learn to social network more efficiently, the lists are endless. If you haven’t attended a conference of some kind, then DO IT. They have conferences for just about everything and all over the world.  It’s worth your time.iStock_000022145252XSmall_t670x470

You’ve gotta take chances to gain rewards. 

Tips for Traveling with your kids


Traveling with children can be extremely difficult, especially young children. So I wanted to give some tips to parents out there who can’t be away from their kids to travel. After all you spend so much time and energy planning a trip, you naturally want to be able to enjoy it. Without the kids screaming and crying the whole time.



  1. When you are planning your trip look up kids friendly options and let your children pick one activity each that you will do together.
  2. If they are over the age of two don’t drag them through every museum you want to see.
  3. Carry a baggy with a few crayons and notepad for each child for any down time to occupy them.
  4. Each day you are away visit the closest market and let them pick out their snacks for the day you will take with you.
  5. Don’t try and fit in too much into your time away. Your children could tire out a lot faster that way and grow impatient as well.
  6. Let them pick one souvenir from the trip to take home with them.
  7. Let them help pick out their outfits to wear on the trip.
  8. Take a baggy of a few small toys for them on the trip. For example a little boy maybe a few matchbox cars, a girl farm animal figures.
  9. Don’t forget to bring the kids shampoo/bodywash. Hotels are not kid friendly usually. I’ve already been there done that.
  10. Have a little quiet time in the middle of the day. Don’t make them nap necessarily but let them watch a show or lay down and read a book. That way they don’t get too tired before you even get to the end of your day.

I hope these tips are able to help you enjoy your future travels with your family.