Who wants to make their travels easy?

Yea, thats what I thought. You, me, your mom, my mom, and everyone else we know. I have compiled 5 awesome travel apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier. Best part about it, they are FREE. Check them out!


This app is a designed to help you decide when to fly. You’re probably thinking this app couldn’t be different from every other flight app you’ve seen, you’re wrong. The Hopper App gives you the best time to fly based on BILLIONS of flights and prices. It tracks and researches all of these price increases and decreases at what times, and creates a perfect time to buy your tickets. It will even notify you when the tickets you’re eyeballing have dropped in price. This app is a great free tool for travelers. Take advantage of it.




TripIt is a free app that formulates your itinerary for you. All you do is send your confirmations to the TripIt email address and it compiles all the information into a covenient travel itinerary. You can check your plan at any time on any device. Excellent travel app for business travelers.




Wikitude is a great app for travelers with multiple uses. This app requires you to take an image of where you are and then it will configure what sites are near you with reviews, photos, online ratings, and even distance. It will even use Wikipedia to bring up facts about relevant sites nearby. This app also can be used for currency conversion. This is a great option to submerse yourself in local culture while traveling or finding a good lunch spot on vacation.

Can be downloaded on iTunes.



Created by  Never Ending Voyage Travelers Simon and Erin who wanted a in depth tracking of their finances, especially while traveling. This app can be used for your everyday budget as well as to monitor spending while traveling. It offers charts with breakdowns of the percentage you spend on each category. You also have a daily budget you can set for yourself and track how much you have left. Trail Wallet also can store all of this information for you. Who doesn’t war to compare their spending on trips 3 years ago vs now? Check this app out, you won’t regret it!




The i-Stone App is a tool for anyone needing to have a quick means of translating. This is why it is ideal for so many travelers. This app not only can translate 12 languages but it also has 300 phrases that come with it. It gets better, the i-Stone App also does not require WiFi. Im not sure how it gets more helpful than that. Oh yea, it does. It also uses the native pronunciation. Think about all the help it could give if you are solo traveling. You’ve gotta check it out.

Can be downloaded on iTunes.


There you have it 5 awesome FREE apps to make your travels easier.