TOP 10 Reasons to Study Abroad


1. Seeing the World

Studying abroad you get to travel wherever you want and see different parts of the world that are truly unique. You can see anything from waterfalls in the rainforest to street markets miles long. There are so many once in a lifetime sights to see.

2. Experiences

Getting to fill your life with a variety of experiences is a unique opportunity you should always take. There is no way to say what will happen while you are abroad.1273941_689600877748663_1861048220683382307_o

3. Education

Learning from other people your age from all over the world can be the best education sometimes. During your time abroad you will get the chance to submerge yourself in other cultures and explore your surroundings. There is vast knowledge to be obtained simply from walking down the street and talking to locals.

 4. Increase future employment opportunities

Employers like seeing on resumes that you have traveled abroad. They also like seeing that you have experience with some second languages. These are things that working on while abroad can help you with in the future.

5. Learning Independence

While abroad you will have the opportunity to get your own groceries, do laundry, and homework. Those daily and weekly activities you consider chores will actually help you in the long run. You won’t have anyone there to do those things for you and will need to get it done yourself. There’s much responsibility learned this way

6.  Budgeting 

At home you have family to help you budget and bail you out of the tab you racked up at the local bar. Abroad you will need to manage your finances alone. You will need to pay for groceries, transportation, and any social activities you may want to do in your free time.

7. You can go visit other areas easily

The awesome thing about studying abroad is when you aren’t in school or are on break. You can take a train ride depending on location to other awesome places. Like if you are studying abroad in Europe you can easily take train rides for a smaller fee than air travel without security hassles. You can take a train from Paris to Munich in about 5-6 hrs depending. Not bad for a weekend trip right?

8. A chance to learn more about yourself

Seeing people all in other parts of the world and being separated from your daily life can teach you so much about yourself. You appreciate little opportunities you may have where you live that other locations may not. You may learn there is so much more of the world you still want to see and that is what you want to do next. There are many self discoveries to be made from studying abroad.

9. Friendships

Studying abroad you can create lifelong friendships with unique people from all other parts of the world. People you normally wouldn’t even have the opportunity to come in contact with. You can meet some of the most influential in other countries, whether they are a teacher, student, or random person at the local market.

10.  Last but not least FOOD

Yes, we think it is worthy of being a reason to study abroad. The food you will get to try abroad can be amazing or in your opinion just make you more grateful for fast food. It will make you more cultured regardless, because you will be sharing a meal someone else has grown up with as the “norm”. Just like you can share something that is an everyday snack with them. It will be a memory and make an impression.x2


There you have it 10 reasons to study abroad.

Now what are you waiting for go find some programs!