Ways to Save: Luggage fees


You ever wonder how the friends or colleagues you are traveling with get free luggage check ins? With the cost of airfare and traveling as high as it is saving every dollar you can on a trip adds up quickly. Here are some simple ways they could be avoiding those annoying luggage fees

  • Airlines that have free 1st bag check ins – Southwest Airlines as well as Jetblue Airways do not charge for the first bag that you check in. With that being said keep it to one bag in the weight range.


  • Active Military IDs- Many airlines have exemptions for active military  to get their bags checked in for free as well as their dependents traveling with them. These are the airlines I’ve found that do so far: American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, Air Tran, United Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Jetblue.


  • Become a miles member- The more travel miles you ecru the more perks you get. Usually free luggage check ins are included for many of the airline companies reward member cardholders.


  • Be conscious about where you are traveling- So many people make the mistake of forgetting most airlines allow free 1st bag check ins for people flying internationally. Check with your airline to see if it applies to your trip abroad.


  • Credit Cards – There are many credit cards for travelers that allow you to check in baggage for free in addition to a traveling companion/s depending on the airline. Some of these include Chase United, Amercian Express Platinum, American Airlines Platinum Select, and many more. You can find out more about these here: http://www.creditcards.com/airline-miles.php?a_aid=b0e5a181&a_cid=1025&a_did=177380&adused=%7Bcreative%7D

Well there you have it some great ways to avoid paying those luggage check in fees each time you travel.