When your kids get to the point where they are around middle school ages, you will try to plan travels around their busy schedules. However, you will quickly find out that it is not as easy as it looks. You can plan all you want but the facts are if your child begs to go to summer camp you are going to have a hard time saying no. Unless, you make everyone in your house tell you before hand these are the dates for dance camp, football camp, church camp, whatever it may be. A great way to keep track is to keep a large dry erase board in your home. That way family members at the beginning of each year can choose a number of activities they want to commit to, based on an amount you set. OR You can decide your trips for the upcoming year before the rest of the family, then tell them they have to plan their activities around whats already been committed to. These are two excellent ways to get your family on the same page for planning travels and summer activities. We have gotten results from to colleagues which said, “this is the only way they can have any trips”. It’s not harsh or slighting another family member, it actually has taught their kids more responsibility. We hope this helps you in your future travels.

Multi-generation  family in park

Multi-generation family in park