A day in the life of someone working at “The Happiest Place on Earth”

A day in the life working at “The Happiest Place on Earth” aka Disney World. Anna is a student completing her paid internship required for her degree in Hospitality Management. She works in Disney’s very own Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fl as a custodian. You would think sweeping trash and giving directions was a pain, but not when you take into account she gets to have the light shows, parades, and Disney characters surrounding her all the time. It sounds like a blast. She gets a lot of park perks for working there as well as life long friendships made. Her friends here are from all over the world, which she loves the diversity. 11692777_10155830581250164_5192420426845007234_n1237090_10202253544286300_261499127_n

She wouldn’t change a thing she says. It is a dream come true, as she has wanted to work at Disney since a child. Anna’s degree choice is solely because she dreams of working at one of the Disney Resorts full time. The process to get to this point involved a web based interview then hopefully a phone interview, and finally you just wait to hear back. Her internship is set to be complete in January, however she says, “I love this company and would work for them forever if the opportunity arose”.







When Anna is not at work she can be found park hopping when she can with friends or acting in various movies and T.V. shows. She has family and friends come to town as often as possible so she can have some fun them on her days off and show them around. Overall Anna says, “I work hard and get rewarded for it. My days are always interesting and usually fun too.” If you have the opportunity to work for Disney and want a future with them she says, “Don’t pass it up.”


Remembrance of 9/11

Looking back on 9/11 will be hard for any American. There was panic, fear, and hatred throughout our nation. Yet in a state of panic we stood together. Firefighters, Police, Armed Forces, even everyday citizens all worked together risking and losing their lives to help save anyone they could. Today we stop to remember this day and the lives that were lost.




Fact Friday!

stock-photo-49388124-african-kids-ghana  Niger, Africa has the youngest population, with 49% of their population that hasn’t reached puberty yet. Unfortunately as a result there is overcrowding, poverty, and famine. So this Friday will simply be a “Fact Friday” since there is nothing fun about that. Have you traveled to Africa? Did you purchase travel insurance for that trip due to the conditions in Africa? Show us your pictures.