Safety for women traveling alone


When planning a trip alone as a woman your first thoughts are usually not about safety. However we feel it is important for all female travelers deciding to travel alone to be prepared at all times. We have created a list of some great tips on how to stay safe while traveling alone. If you have any others to add we would love to hear about them.

  • Be conscious about what you wear- Always be sure to not draw extra attention to yourself by wearing clothing that may be considered revealing, tight, or something else flashy. Try to avoid wearing your heavier make up out unless you are prepared for extra friendly attention from the locals.
  • Stay in well lit areas– When out and about especially at night be sure to always stay in well lit areas with many people around. safety_tube_whistles
  • Do not be scared to draw attention if you feel uncomfortable- If you feel violated or threatened in anyway, then make a scene. Scream for them to leave you alone. At the end of the day it is better to be safe. You can even learn the local languages for stop, not interested, and leave me alone.
  • Carry a safety whistle- You can pick up a pack of these whistles online for a few dollars to keep at least one on you at all times. We choose these over the plastic option, since these will be the most durable in and out of baggage etc.
  • Bring a faux wedding ring- This is one of the best little items you can purchase before traveling alone. Slip that little band on and be about your way. Ideally it will deter at least half of the men attracted from approaching you.
  • Avoid making eye contact- In some countries making direct eye contact can provoke aggression or it can make someone think you are interested. Avoid this by wearing sunglasses that do not show where you are looking. It will make your trip much easier.
  • Avoid getting drunk- If you are out at a local pub drinking then others will notice. They could try to follow you from leaving or take advantage of the situation and pickpocket you. The list is endless, therefor it is much safer to abstain from drinking heavily.

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead.”  ~Proverb