This Thursday we are throwing it back to NAFSA 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Who all got the chance to go? Maybe you saw us there, we always find the best cupcakes locally to hand out at each conference we attend. We had a blast networking with so many people from around the world. What a great way to make life long friendships as well as new business relationships with like minded individuals. It also serves as a great way to catch up with existing clients and friends. What a great business/pleasure trip it was for us all!268132_10150307190183969_74820_n 251309_10150204090843045_8123616_n 457871_367382336637187_2132574400_o 249945_10150204109898045_5890786_n248614_10150204096178045_27099_n-2 251043_10150204095993045_287613_n-2 247961_10150204097688045_6601169_n-2