Our Top 3 things you pay for most frequently

while you are traveling but don’t realize it.


1. Alcohol

Yes, Alcohol is a huge re-occurring expense for most travelers.  Usually you get a few drinks each day sometimes more and do not even think about it. At the end of the trip you might want to check that total for all those 7$ drinks you consumed, that will add on a huge cost to your trip you would never expect some of the totals we have seen added up from alcohol expenses.



2. Daily Transportation

No this is not your big ticket travel expense like airfare, this is your daily transportation fees. Those pesky cab rides or the man who convinced you to let you ride downwind of him in a cart after he’s been biking people over all day, yes those fees. They add up, they are so convincing with the oh here is my map I go this route it very cheap and if you want to go to your actual destination ONLY 5$ more. Yes they’ve gotten me too. You also have the subways, trains, and any other method you can think of.


 3. Random Airport Junk

The impulse airport purchases get us every time. Oh yes, every time it never fails you wait for your flight and while waiting decide I will just look around in the gift shop or grab some coffee from Starbucks. Twenty minutes later you have a fancy frappe, headphones (that they give you on most flights free anyways), chocolate bar, and some magazine or cross word puzzle you will never do but hey it sounded good at the time. I too have been duped by the awesome displays and organization of the super clean airports this isn’t even including the over the top airports with gambling and clothing shops. Thats an entire different animal right? Safe to say you drop a good bit in the airport and never think twice because hey at the time its usually small amounts here and there.