Hot or Cold is the real question?



What do you prefer? Hot or cold? Such a big factor in deciding where and when you want to travel. Do you like the idea of snow and all the activities that go along with it? In cold climates with snow you have snow boarding, skiing, fires, hot cocoa, and something referred to as “snow tubing”.¬†Cold definitely has some perks, ladies how much do you not like your make up running and hair frizzing? Gentlemen how much do you like having an excuse to have a beard? You don’t have to worry about shaving, sweating, or getting sunburned very much while away in cold climates. Do you appreciate the panoramic view off a balcony in the snow covered woods surrounded by mountains or do you prefer the warm beaming sunset on the beach somewhere with palm trees surrounding you?


Hot, Oh there are so many awesome things about the warmth. You have water that is NOT cold or frozen. Not too mention if you are near any beaches you will have the dozens of water sports. For example water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and so many other. Is that what you want to do on your trip though? Do you want to lay out and tan or possibly burn if you were one “blessed” with fair skin. The alternative is trading in your “itty bitty teeny weany yellow polka dot bikini” for layers of clothes to avoid the harsh cool winds. So I suppose this is just something that will have to be decided by each traveler based on what they want to do, wear, see, and feel.

Which do you prefer and why?